Nora Haenn, PhD


Teaching and Mentoring

My mentoring philosophy increasingly leans toward the "guide on the side" model of teaching with a special emphasis on the skills students need to navigate a lifetime of learning. In all my coursework, I encourage students to consider how various ethical standpoints apply to the complex data and theories which frame our understanding of today's social problems. 

With my affiliations in different programs, I teach undergraduates and Master's students in Anthropology, as well as undergraduates in the interdisciplinary International Studies major.  I have also contributed to doctoral committees in programs that include Entomology, Forestry and Environmental Resources, and Design.

Currently, I am participating in an exciting interdisciplinary program that examines technical, social, political, and ethical issues associated with agricultural biotechnology. The AgBioFEWS program welcomes PhD, Master’s students, and select undergraduates interested in the future of our food systems.

I occasionally work with undergraduate teams to carry out research. For the academic year 2018-2019, I am working with students on two projects. The first explores how US-born employers and their immigrant employees navigate the workplace as a cultural meeting ground. The second examines how imagery used by international agricultural develop groups to report on and advertise their work has evolved since the . 

Lists of research, internship, and post-graduation opportunities that I encourage students to explore can be found by following this link to student advising resources.