The following are links I have found helpful in advising students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. In general, when working with students, I focus on crafting a trajectory of study that combines research and/or internships that build a portfolio of applicable skills.


Undergraduate Programs that Pay Students and Look Amazing on a Resume

             1. Academic Research

Pathways to Science Portal

NSF Summer Research Programs

Anthropology at the Smithsonian (summer)

Various at Univ of Arizona (summer; pick your field)

Various at Univ. of California (summer; pick your field)

Minority Health at Univ of Arizona (summer)

Leadership Alliance Academic Year and Summer Research programs

Public Policy at Princeton (summer; for juniors only)

Political and Social Research at Univ. of Michigan


           2. Internships and other International Opportunities

E-Pack...Click on 'Go Global'

Federal Internships

eInternships at the U.S. State Dept.

NC State Internships

NC Environmental Internships

Internships in the U.N. System

U. N.  Volunteers

National Parks Service Conservation Corps

Humanity in Action

AISEC, International Internships

Boren Scholarships for Study Abroad to Critical Regions (i.e. not W Europe, Canada, or Australia,)

Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship for study abroad

                                               Women NC

                                                RTI International


Undergraduate Programs that Don't Pay but still Look Amazing on a Resume

Internship at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


After Graduation

Life After College (a quick guide)

Once the financial bases are covered, time is more important than money

APPLYING TO GRAD SCHOOL.....A How to   (pdf)

      + plus, how to email professors +

Alternatives to the Peace Corps (various books at

Green Careers

English Open Doors (teach English in Chile)

 New York City Urban Fellows Program

Obama Foundation Fellowships

Princeton in  Africa, Asia, Latin America

Teaching Abroad

Train to Teach English in a Foreign Country

For the budget traveler (Disclaimer: I have not tested these programs.)

Join a group in which travelers take turns hosting each other

Work for a bed


  For Anthro Master's students

  1. Before graduation

Smithsonian Institute Internships and Fellowships

EPA STAR Fellowships

EPA Internships


Lead Now Fellowships


  2.  After graduation

Anthro Job of the Week

NAPA Employment Directory

Business Anthropology job hub

Job resources (compiled by Madelaine Adelman)

Ethnographic Praxis in Industry conference

Environmental Leadership Program

AAAS Media Science Fellowship

Fellowship list #1

Fellowship list #2

Fellowship list #3


3.  Helpful Reading

                        Don't be paralyzed by the fear some better option is out there - here's how

                        'Find your passion' is awful advice

Read how to make a good first impression and how to recover from a bad one

How the job search differs at Community Colleges

Working for the Federal Government

How to become an International Consultant


And, for fun, some favorite sites combining design and info:

A Zen Experience

Baby names across time

Cell Size and Scale

Gendered Language on

Listen to Wikipedia