Photo Journal - Mexican Elections 2018

Here are a few photos from the election in Calakmul, Campeche. I joined the Red Universitaria y Ciudadana por la Democracia that fielded more than 300 electoral observers throughout the country, one of the largest delegations in this year's election.

The level of citizen engagement inspired me. Mexico does not have absentee balloting for people living inside the country. My younger friends traveled home from college to cast their votes. At each polling site, there were seventeen people holding one official position or another monitoring the process. Dozens of onlookers, mostly young people, also watched events closely by peering into windows.

Special thanks to the staff at the offices of the Instituto Electoral del Estado de Campeche in Xpujil. They were unfailingly helpful and polite. Mil gracias al personal de IEEC en Xpujil. Siempre me atendieron con cortesía y respeto.

Anthropologists make for excellent electoral observers. All that participant-observation served as great training! Thank you to fellow anthropologist Julia Murphy who spent the day with me, sharing her training from her own stint as an election observer with Global Exchange back in 2006. I couldn't have done it without her support!