Where's Walker? / ¿ Dónde está Walker?

It’s election season here in the United States, and I asked the two candidates running for US congress in my home district for their position on immigration. I was thinking I would write a run-of-the-mill article for the Chatham County Line. Both candidates have signed on to their party platforms. But then something interesting happened.

Despite repeated requests, incumbent Mark Walker never responded to me. Meanwhile, his challenger Ryan Watts got back to me immediately. Here’s a link to Watts’s campaign page. Watts reflects my personal position, but I wonder if there’s any point in linking readers to Mark Walker’s page given that he hasn’t updated his campaign page since last running in 2016. Okay, for the sake of evidence, here’s that campaign page.

I am flummoxed. In a press release last year, Walker wrote: "It’s easy to preach to the choir, but we must take our message to new places, to new neighborhoods and new communities. Learn to listen.” Maybe at this moment in our politics we all need to take a few steps back and think about how we learn to listen. How do we carry out the give and take necessary to talk about our differences? Here’s the longer article. Thanks again to Luis Melodelgado for the Spanish-language version.

Nora Haenn