Nora Haenn, PhD


About Nora Haenn, Ph.D.

I am an Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies at North Carolina State University.  My research focuses on the environment, international migration, and rural identities. I am especially interested how ideologies of wealth and poverty—which emphasize particular kinds of ecological engagements—manifest in global, state, and other social structures. 

Since the early 1990s, I have focused on a single research site, the municipality of Calakmul in southern Mexico. This long-term engagement has allowed me to observe how family farmers and small-scale communities (villages and counties) manage their natural resources and secure their livelihoods in the context of shifting frameworks. These frameworks include new ecologies arising from climate change, new economies resulting from incorporation into global labor markets, and new, state-sponsored poverty relief programs.  

I am in the process of expanding my research to Mexican communities living in rural North Carolina.  Meanwhile, I regularly advocate for a greater understanding of rural Mexicans, wherever they live, at a time when people from the United States and Mexico play such a significant role in one another's lives.






Banner photo credit: Luis Melodelgado


  • Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies